GBPS - Global Brand Protection Summit 2015

16-17 September 2015, Amsterdam

Arena International is proud to present the 6th Annual Global Brand Protection Summit on 16-17th September in Amsterdam.

Today, counterfeiters can and are reproducing anything and everything, and they have become more sophisticated in their methods, making illicit trade and online infringements harder to detect. Increasing numbers of consumers are now at risk by unsafe and ineffective products, while governments, businesses and society are being robbed of hundreds of billions in tax revenues, income and jobs. The total magnitude of counterfeiting and piracy worldwide is estimated over $600 billion. Moreover, globally, the trafficking of counterfeit goods is growing.

Any brand protection strategy must involve the whole company when considering how to minimise brand abuse in sales, brand management, marketing, finance, manufacturing and legal departments; dealing with the consequences of cybersquatters, counterfeiters and grey marketers remains as pressing as ever. The consequences result in lost revenue, a damaged brand, ineffective channels to market, lower margins and, most important of all, confused and unhappy customers.

The Global Brand Protection Summit 2015 represents a platform, a global meeting point that puts forward different levels of awareness, education and interest to enable those that attend to design, develop and implement customized, secure solutions against consumer product counterfeiting and online infringements. We will offer a multi-faceted, holistic approach to brand security for brands and creative content rights holders by focusing on the key elements of a brand protection strategy.


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Agenda Focus

GBPS is unique in offering innovative presentations alongside pre-scheduled business meetings – allowing attendees to explore the strategies and solutions your company needs to address the challenges of counterfeiting and brand violation.

Who should attend?

GBPS will cover industries including Luxury Brands, Retail, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Media and many more…