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About GBPS

At the 9th Global Brand Protection Summit, taking place on the 9 -10th October in Amsterdam, we are pleased to bring together the definitive group of executives responsible for technology and strategies to secure and protect global brands. There will be private one-to-one meetings, expert guidance through a first class conference programme and numerous networking opportunities.

We will be looking at the key issues in the brand protection sphere, including the following:

  1. The importance of counterfeiting, copyright, design and trademark infringements

  2. E-commerce seller responsibility

  3. Tackling IP infringements e.g. design infringement in China

  4. The pharmaceutical sector as the leader in developments in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection

  5. How emerging technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and internet of things can be used to tackle brand protection issues

  6. The effects of counterfeiting on a brand reputation, and the link with trust

  7. Investigating the regulatory view – why are so few infringing products stopped at customs, and how do the authorities supervise the internet?

  8. How brand owners provide the incentive to invest to prevent counterfeiting

  9. The role of supply chain, logistics and security firms in combatting IP infringing and counterfeit products

  10. The effects of recent case law in the brand protection sphere

Global Brand Protection Summit provides a unique platform for executive level attendees from a range of industries including: automotive, apparel, retail, FMCG, pharma, entertainment and luxury. The event asks important questions about the future of brand protection in the face of a dramatically changing landscape - the EU IP enforcement and trademark directives, global anti – counterfeiting, changing consumer behaviour and the continuing rise of online-counterfeiting.

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