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Reacting to the growingly health conscious and sophisticated consumer through quality and natural ingredients

26th – 27th September, 2018, London

The 7th Annual Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverages Congress is coming back in September to facilitate thought provoking innovative discussions. We’ve listened to the hot topics which the industry needs answers for to create a truly worthwhile event!

This year will be centred around ‘Reacting to the growingly health conscious and sophisticated consumer through quality and natural ingredients’. The evolving consumer is demanding more options containing both quality and natural ingredients coupled with a shift in taste preferences looking towards herbs and botanical flavours which creates a tricky landscape to navigate.

The 2018 speaker line is back being bigger and better than before containing keynote speakers from Coca-Cola European Partners, Brtivic, Danone, Tesco and more!

Bringing the industry together like no other event to create unique opportunities and true innovation brain storm sessions to help steer you to the future of your brand.

For larger companies we will be figuring out how to establish an agile system to foster innovation to listen to the constantly changing consumers. For smaller companies we will highlight the opportunities in the social media focused world to build a strong platform for brand awareness. These are only the starting points; we are going to delve across the whole spectrum of innovation through all sectors of non-alcoholic beverages.

Come join us in September in London to be a part of the discussion.


Event News

Who should attend this event?

Come be a part of the industry leaders of the beverage world. This is a must attend for any of the following who want to improve and expand their business opportunities:

Where are we to meet increasingly complex consumer needs?

“Is it sugar free?” “Is it healthy for children?” “Is it with organic fruits?” “Is it containing vitamins?”

Past Attendees’ Testimonials

The Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverage Congress is the flagship event of the industry. Do not take our words for it – listen to what our past attendees have to say!

Uncovering emerging opportunities for the future

At the event will we have access to the latest analytics into consumer behaviours. GlobalData will be delving into the high growth sub categories to see where the key growth opportunities lie.

Some of the highlights of the 2018 programme

Non-alcoholic beverages are currently booming with 30% of 18-26 year olds being alcohol free and wanting choice leading to the emergence of adultification of the industry. Inside our exciting program we will hear from Seedlip who are pioneering this sub-category of distilled non-alcoholic beverages by catering to adults who want exciting theatrical alcoholic free alternatives whilst ensuring great quality and taste.


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Countdown to Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverages Congress 2018