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Pushing boundaries to develop innovative products for health-savvy consumers

10th & 11th October, London, UK

The 6th Annual Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverages Congress is coming back in October with a programme jam-packed with all the companies that you want to hear from!

This year’s theme is ‘Pushing boundaries to develop innovative products for health-savvy consumers’. With the changing health trend and preference, beverage companies are seeking to optimise recipes. It is also evolving innovations to create new types of drinks with added multiple functions. The 2017 speaker faculty including PepsiCo, Nestle, Suntory, DoubleDutch and Vivid Drinks just to name a few brought together senior figures from across drinks categories to explore the challenges and opportunities.

This year’s programme is going to deliver all you want to know about the most-up-to-date industrial agendas and new flavour experiences. It will be a true interactive learning session from all kinds of beverages – carbonated, water, tea, juice, energy drink and more!

Click the programme to get a full look at the 2017 agenda. Do not miss this amazing opportunity to learn and network this October in London.




Event News

David VS Goliath – how can breakout brands compete against established players

It used to be as simple as water, tea, juice, carbonated drinks when it comes to soft beverage categories. However, with increasing value-added products that meet consumer desires for flavourful functional and healthy products, the emerging categories are fast growing.

Past Attendees’ Testimonial

The Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverage Congress is your must-to-attend event this October. Do not take our words for it – listen to what our past attendees have to say for last year!

3 reasons why this is an must-attend event in the non-alcoholic beverage world

The 6th Annual Innovation in Non-Alcoholic Beverages Congress offers industry professionals an opportunity to come together under one roof to learn, discuss and network with peers in the non-alcoholic beverage world. In such a competitive market, innovation is key to ensure success for the future, thus we have outlined 3 simple reasons as to why this event can assist you in shaping your strategic approach.

Natural is the way forward!

In the past decade, technological advances have shortened the distance between information and the everyday consumer. This alteration has led to a huge amount of information circulating on the World Wide Web, where consumers can gain access and educate themselves in various topics. One of which is the consequences derived from high sugar consumption and non natural content in everyday food and beverages. Consequently, consumers have become more knowledgeable and are now demanding for ...

Who should attend?

If you work within one of the following functions, and are interested in learning more about this event, please contact the Programme Director:

Where are we to meet increasingly complex consumer needs?

“Is it sugar free?” “Is it healthy for children?” “Is it with organic fruits?” “Is it containing vitamins?”