With regulation remaining at the heart of any future developments in the power generation industry, IPS helps to shed light on the current regulatory developments in Europe as well as abroad.

Many questions around renewable energy will be discussed in detail, the most pressing one being: What will happen when the subsidies run out and is the renewable market financially sustainable? This will have a strong impact on the thermal power generation industry and its success in the market.

With maintenance budgets being cut and an aging fleet, what is the right strategy to remain competitive? Where should the investment go? Two expert led panel discussion will unpack the key challenges, discuss solutions and potential strategies!

Operational flexibility is key to a successful operation now as well as in the near future. Subjects surrounding maintenance projects and profitability will be addressed in several presentations and interactive sessions.

The International Power Summit platform provides suppliers and operators with the unique set up to address these and many more challenges and opportunities on a strategic as well as technical level.

This is the ideal setting to engage with utilities and supplier companies from the traditional Western European market coming together and delegates from the new emerging markets.

Countdown to International Power Summit 2019


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