Next Generation Nicotine Delivery 2018 USA

April 24th & 25th 2018, Atlanta, USA

Next Generation Nicotine Delivery USA brings together strategic leaders from across the new nicotine products category i.e. E-Cigarettes, E-Liquids, Pharmaceuticals, together with solution providers for 2 days of insight, discussion and debate into how US manufacturers can –

• Understand and adhere to US FDA’s PMTA regulations

• Explore international sales opportunities and adhere to local regulation within these regions

• Introduce consumer trends from local and international markets to increase sales at home and abroad

This is a strategic event targeted at those who have commercial or regulatory responsibility. This will not be a scientific or medical research focused event, but a platform to share best practise and meet solution providers to allow US manufacturers to start and increase sales within the US and abroad.


Event News

3 Ways to Keep Innovating Within the Alternative Nicotine Products Industry

Despite being one of the most regulated industries in the market, the alternative nicotine products are also expected to innovate and adapt to the consumers desires. Which is why, here are 3 basic ways to keep evolving within the next generation nicotine industry.

How to face the US Federal Regulations on the Alternative Nicotine Products

In the present day, the US market of alternative nicotine products has recently seen a bump in the road concerning its future. With all the federal regulations in place, the new landscape for manufacturers has made a turn that is now restricting the growth of the industry. With the introduction of federal laws like the PMTA (Pre-Market Tobacco Product Application), which requires those products that were introduced in the market after the 15th of February 2007; to comply ...

Series Feedback

We are proud to share a snapshot of the feedback from 2017’s Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Europe Conference! Here’s what to expect from your participation in Atlanta:

Who’s Presenting?

Held in Atlanta, the Next Generation Nicotine Delivery USA conference will address market trends, public health opinion and product innovation - presenting an open learning forum with valuable take home messages, interactive sessions and leading speakers from across the industry.

Who Should Attend?

Delving into key issues in the e-cigarette and alternative nicotine delivery community, the 2018 conference agenda is designed for:e-Cig/vape companies and manufacturersNext generation nicotine delivery product companiese-liquid/e-juice suppliers and manufacturesTobacco companies with e-Cig/vape subsidiariesPolicy makers, regulatory bodies and public healthService providers to the industry

Consumer Trends

We have seen consumer trends becoming somewhat irrelevant for the traditional nicotine products (cigarettes, tobacco) over the past decade as regulatory bodies have been restricting them heavily - not only price, ingredients and flavours are regulated, but packaging is restricted as well.

Countdown to Next Generation Nicotine Delivery USA 2018