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Enabling optimization of product packaging and labeling through internal alignment, open communication and streamlined end to end operations

The second edition of the Pharma and Device Packaging and Labeling West Coast was a thought-provoking two days of engaging presentations, discussion and networking.

Chaired by Ms Tennyson Hicks, Associate Program Director at Genentech, the event focused on how to streamline collaboration between packaging and labelling departments, best practices for the best packaging materials and perfect timelines for labelling.

Speakers and delegates representing all of the most important companies in the areas, such as Allergan, Amgen, BioMarin, Genentech participated in an event which saw a fantastic opportunity to have a really insightful view on the challenges faced by different teams within the same company, so that the entry into the market can happen as quickly and successfully as possible.

Following on from this success, Arena International is pleased to announce that this unique event will be returning once again in 2018.

The 2018 program aims to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and operational challenges in the commercial side for biopharma and medical devices companies. If you have an interesting topic proposal, please get in touch with the program director.


Event News

Who should attend this event?

The Pharma and Device Packaging and Labeling West Coastis the only event of its kind in the West Coast.Primary delegates for this event are VP/ Directors/ Heads of:Packaging and LabelingPackaging (Packaging Projects, Development, Engineer, Design)Labeling (Graphics, Artwork, Analyst, Control)Global LabelingRegulatory Labeling

Content: facing top challenges

Our agenda has an incredible balance between pharma and devices content.

Total interaction

At the Pharma and Device Packaging and Labeling West Coast meeting, pharma, biotech and medical devices companies come together to discuss the latest innovations and challenges for packaging and labeling.

Countdown to Pharma and Device Packaging and Labeling West Coast 2018