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Small Hydro Canada 2014

16th and 17th April 2014, Vancouver, Canada

Hydropower plays a major role in Canada’s energy portfolio. However, with so many facets playing into future developments, there is much to learn and discuss in order to optimize your business opportunities. We are very proud to announce Arena International’s 6th annual Small Hydro Conference in Vancouver, Canada.

We are pleased to welcome back key power generation companies, developers, EPC contractors as well as government bodies and financial investors at an international event that jumps to new heights from year to year. As we enter a crucial stage in the future of Small Hydro in British Columbia, can you afford to miss this event?

* New for 2014: in addition to this Western Summit, we will be hosting an Eastern Summit on June 18th-19th in Toronto. More details to be announced shortly.*


Event News

Who should attend Small Hydro Canada 2014?

Small Hydro Canada 2014 attracts high level members of a range of organisations including hydro technology development companies, plant construction, plant operators, environmental organisations, energy grid operators, regulators and government bodies.

Arena International’s 6th Annual Small Hydro Conference - Western Summit 2014

Right now we are working with stakeholders from across the industry to create a collection of discussions and presentations that will keep you at the forefront of developments in this sector. Each year our talks delve into state-of-the-art solutions and case study-based success stories that enable you to take your business forward.

Industry Leading Speakers

Our Small Hydro series proudly boast a collection of very high-calibre speakers - including CEOs, Company Presidents, Financial Directors and Energy Specialists – from the most reputable companies and associations within small hydro.

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