A Rising Tide: Pharma Takes to the Seas

The Demand for Sustainability and Resiliency Are Continuing to Drive More Pharma Shipments to the Seas



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Allan Klinge
CEO, Klinge

Mr. Klinge plans, develops, implements, and evaluates the organization’s administration function and performance. He participates in the development of the corporation’s plans and programs. Mr. Klinge is also responsible for directing, managing and coordinating all sales and marketing activities for Klinge Corporation. He coordinates efforts between the sales and engineering departments; leads the development and implementation of marketing initiatives; and, helps to identify, design and implement new market opportunities, products and plans. Mr. Klinge joined Klinge Corporation in 2007. He previously worked at a research firm in Washington, DC. Mr. Klinge has a Master’s Degree from Harvard University and a Bachelors Degree from Dartmouth College.

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Alan Kennedy
Director, GDP Universal Compliance Initiative

With a specialized focus on optimizing pharmaceutical supply chains, Alan has cultivated a track record of implementing transformative reforms and industry best practices. His cross-industry experience has shaped him into a forward-thinking strategist, and his collaborations with leading global companies have enriched his understanding of complex logistics challenges. A founder of the independent GDP Universal Compliance Initiative, he is spearheading a collaborative industry program designed to reform, harmonize and elevate the global distribution standards for life-saving medicines and vaccines.

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