Alternative Investments: A Game-Changing Solution for Financial Institutions

Ameetee ( a BaaS (business as a service) solution that enables thousands of financial institutions worldwide to offer millions of HNWI client’s access to ready-to-distribute securitized products linked to shares of fast-growing innovative companies or other alternative assets. Ameetee is operating on a $100B TAM



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Sergey Shlyuger
Co-CEO, Ameetee Technologies Ltd

Serge is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in investment banking, equity capital markets, and venture capital. He has honed his skills in corporate finance, specializing in transborder M&A and private placement transactions. However, Serge's true passion lies in taking companies public through IPOs.

Thanks to his extensive experience working with large clients and achieving impressive accomplishments, Serge was appointed as the Head of Family Office. In this role, he was tasked with creating a venture portfolio for the beneficiaries, a

challenge he embraced with great enthusiasm. After five years in this position,

Serge took a short break before joining a highly successful brokerage firm as the Head of Venture Business.

Using everything he has learned over the years, Serge is well-positioned to help build Ameetee into a thriving and prosperous business.

Serge's academic credentials include a B.A. degree in Economics and Finance from Carleton University, Canada.

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Mila Khrapchenko
Co-CEO, Ameetee Technologies Ltd

Mila Khrapchenko, currently co-founder and co-CEO of Ameetee, is a seasoned professional in structured finance and complex solutions, both for corporate and retail clients. She built and led a structured finance business at one of the largest privately owned Emerging markers banks, creating and leading a team of 13 professionals and running a book of approximately $2 bn dollars.

Later, together with Sergey Shlyuger, also co-founder and co-CEO of Ameetee, she created venture business line at BCS Financial Group, which not only succeeded in launching the first product within 4 months from the start but also had one of the best cost/income ratios within the Group.

Mila’s passion for venture capital resulted in 30+ early-stage VC personal investments across the globe where she often assists with fundraising, networking and strategy advice. She is a member of such angel investor communities as AngelsDeck and New Economic Investors Club.


She holds MA Degree in Econometrics from Moscow State University.

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