Czech-Made EU GMP cannabis-derived APIs

Czech-Made EU cGMP cannabis derived APIs for clinical trials and cannabinoid based medicine development



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Dr. Jan Storch
Production Director

Mr. Storch graduated from the University of Chemistry and Technology in organic chemistry and completed his Ph.D.  at the Czech Academy of Sciences, where he is still the head of the Department of Advanced Materials and Organic Synthesis.

His fascination with chemical processes (not only in the human body) has always pushed him one step further. The development of an industrial method for the isolation of one of the most promising and intensively researched substances of recent times – cannabidiol (CBD) – resulted in the founding of the pharmaceutical company CB21 Pharma s.r.o. and the associated brand CANNEFF®, of which he is a co-owner.

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Ing. Boris Baňas
Chief Sales Officer

Mr. Baňas has been working in industrial sector on various mid and top management positions between 2000-2009.

Mr. Baňas is a prolific hemp activist since 1998. Founder of “Why not hemp?” non-profit fund in Slovakia. ( Has been growing hemp for research under Slovak government licenses in 1999, 2000 and 2003. Helped to push Slovak government to adopt EU hemp-related farming rules in 2008.

Fully dedicated to hemp business since 2009. Co-founder and co-owner of HEMP SEED OIL EUROPE LTD (,, a top-leading supplier of bulk hemp seed derivatives for various industrial sectors: food, cosmetics, feed, paint and varnish on markets of EU and the Balkans.

Since 2014, co-founder and co-owner of CBDepot. A B2B provider of Upmarket Cannabinoid Solutions.

Since 2022 Chief Sales officer of CB21 Pharma, EU GMP certified supplier of CBD API, cannabis extract API.

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