Digital Adoption in Clinical Trials: an honest review through the lens of real-world studies

Challenges and benefits when considering digital components within study protocols



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Dr Bernhard Remes
Managing Director (Alcedis - a Huma company)

Dr. Bernhard Remes serves as a Managing Director for Alcedis - a Huma company. After his Master's degree in biology, completed in 2011, Bernhard started a PhD in micro and molecular biology, successfully completing it in 2015 in the field of “small RNA interaction in bacteria". After a year as a Postdoc, he joined Alcedis in 2016 as a business analyst for EDC systems. In 2017, he moved to data management and the following year took over the data management department as functional unit manager. In 2020, Bernhard received Prokura and since summer 2021, he is part of the executive management team at Alcedis, where he is now in charge of Clinical Operations (Project Management, Monitoring, Medical Writing, Regulatory Affairs) and Data Operations (Data Management, Pharmacovigilance, Statistics).

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Dr Francesca Maraschin
Clinical Associate, Huma

Dr. Francesca Maraschin serves as a Clinical Associate at Huma, where she plays a pivotal role in evidence generation across Huma’s products. Her professional background encompasses working as a clinician in pediatrics, pediatric surgery, and intensive care in South Africa, equipping her with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare challenges and solutions.
Francesca earned a Masters in International Health with distinction from the University of Oxford. Post-graduation, she expanded her scope by joining Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Medicine as a researcher, spearheading global health research exploring the care needs of neonates post-surgery.
Francesca is passionate about improving access to healthcare through digital health and by harnessing her clinical and research expertise is actively contributing to Huma’s transformative mission

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Nico O’Kuinghttons
Vice President, Commercial, DCT, Huma

Nico is the North America commercial head for Huma’s Digital-first research vertical which focuses on enabling better research through the inclusion of innovative digital approaches. Nico has over a decade of experience ushering novel digital solutions towards the advancement of research, previously Nico was the VP of Business Development at Tissue Analytics, a sophisticated skin and wound computer vision digital technology company and previously the Head of Real World Data Evidence for Net Health, a provider of EMR solutions.

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