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Daniel Buckley
Director of CDO Downstream, Samsung Biologics

Daniel Buckley is a Lead Scientist in CDO Downstream at Samsung Biologics. He has an extensive background in the biotech industry, with more than 17 years of experience in new product introductions, purification scale-up, biotech facility design, biotech facility C&Q, process validation, commercial manufacturing, audit readiness, and regulatory inspections. Prior to joining Samsung Biologics, Daniel served as manager for two downstream purification facilities at Eli Lilly.

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Janet Lee
Director of Cell Line Development, Samsung Biologics

Janet Lee leads Cell Line Development group at Samsung Biologics. Her group has developed over 60 CLD projects successfully including complex biologics. She has over 25 years of biologics drug development experience specializing in Cell Line Development & Upstream Manufacturing Process development from global biotech companies in US. She joined Samsung Biologics team in 2015 as a MSAT Scientist and led number of Tech transfer programs for key commercial biologics.

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Sojeong Lee
Lead Scientist in Cell Line Development, Samsung Biologics

Sojeong Lee has over 15 years of biologics process development experience specializing in mammalian cell culture including cell line development, upstream process development and pilot scale manufacturing.

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Derrick Katayama
Lead Scientist in Formulation Development, Samsung Biologics

Derrick Katayama accomplished formulation and analytical scientist with 16 years of experience in the areas of therapeutic proteins, peptides, subunit vaccines, and monoclonal antibodies. He joined Samsung Biologics team in 2022 as a Scientist of Formulation development team in CDO.

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