How a diverse coating selection can help accelerate development of medical devices

Getting a medical device to the market is not always straightforward and can be a lengthy process. We explore the latest trends in medical devices and how to streamline the time it takes to reach cash flow.



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Todd Paulsen, VP
Vice President

Todd Paulsen is Vice President of Formacoat, with more than 25 years of experience in management across multi-disciplined teams. Joining Formacoat as a Sales Engineer in March 2019, Todd worked his way up through the ranks to become Sales and Marketing Manager within a year amid challenging times for the industry before being promoted to the Vice President position in June 2022. Based in Minnesota, US, the Formacoat team are specialists in providing coatings for medical devices and have built up an international reputation, with Todd playing an instrumental role in their expansion in recent years.

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Emma Sturdee
Associate Analyst at Global Data Thematic Intelligence

Emma Sturdee is an Associate Analyst at Global Data Thematic Intelligence in London, UK, where her primary responsibilities include writing reports and research. Emma holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from King's College London.

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