How to harness the power of AI to increase competitiveness and cut R&D costs in CPG



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Marc Vontobel
Founder & CEO

Marc Vontobel is the co-founder and CEO at Starmind. He is a computer scientist turned entrepreneur with a real passion for building high tech companies - which he’s done on multiple occasions from bootstrapping through to double digit million venture capital funding rounds. He is an active member of both the Forbes Technology Council and Global Panel of the MIT Technology Review.

Marc is dedicated to driving forward Starmind’s vision of making collective human intelligence accessible to everyone with the power of AI. Continually fascinated by how technology can bring people together, Marc truly believes that the scale and power of human intelligence is something that’s vastly underestimated within organizations today.

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Ronan Kirby
Chief Customer Officer

Ronan Kirby is a seasoned sales leader with a proven track record of building, scaling and transforming high performance Go-To-Market organisations in EMEA and beyond. A former President & GM, EMEA of Kaseya. Prior to that he served as Vice President of NGINX EMEA, NGINX is the heart of the modern web, powering most of the world’s busiest apps and sites - from Airbnb to Netflix to Uber. Kirby also led MOR Solutions and Story Foundry as Managing Director, after climbing the ranks at Red Hat for over a decade. Furthermore, Kirby's expertise extends to being a senior industry advisor at board level to clients of the European Bank (EBRD) for more than 15 years.

Specialisations include the commercialisation of Open Source Software (OSS), SaaS, IT infrastructure.

Kirby is an ultra-endurance athlete.

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