In-line seal inspection for better food packaging quality

A cost-effective and easy-to-implement solution for food producers to improve packaging quality and productivity



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Olivier Georis
Managing Director / CEO

Olivier Georis, co-founder of Engilico, boasts extensive managing experience in technology-driven companies in wide variety of industry sectors, today more specifically in packaging and inspection business. In 2021, Engilico became part of Japanese packaging company PACRAFT, a division of large engineering group Nabtesco.  With a career marked by a commitment to excellence and growth in various engineering companies, Olivier Georis plays a pivotal role in leading Engilico towards the next steps within PACRAFT and Nabtesco.

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Jos Deschagt
Operations Director

Jos is Operations Director of Engilico and has over 15 years experience in packaging and food industry. Mr Deschagt is also sales responsible for UK, FR and US region.

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Renaat Van Cauter
Marketing Director

Renaat Van Cauter has gained a broad experience in technology marketing through various positions in engineering and innovation-driven companies. At Engilico, he focuses on raising awareness within the packaging industry about the capabilities of in-line seal inspection and lead generation.

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