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Frederic Dargelas
Director, Head of Business Development and Alliance Management

Dr. Frederic Dargelas is the Director, Head of Business Development and Alliance Management of DelSiTech. He joined the company in 2019. Dr. Dargelas is a business development and R&D veteran with almost 20 years of experience in the pharma and biotech industry. Previously, he held managing positions at diverse international companies such as GSK and Orion Pharma. Dr. Dargelas holds a PhD in Physical Chemistry of Polymers and an MBA.

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René Holm

Dr. René Holm is a professor in pharmaceutical physical chemistry at the University of Southern Denmark. After receiving Master and PhD degree in pharmaceutics from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2002, he started his carrier in the pharmaceutical industry at H.Lundbeck in 2001 and changed to Janssen in 2016. Dr. Holm has worked within pharmaceutical development, formulations for non-clinical testing in drug discovery, physical chemistry and material science covering both small and large molecules. In 2021 Dr. Holm engaged into a carrier change and became a full professor. Dr. Holm is (co-) author of more than 240 original articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters in the field of biopharmaceutics, preformulation, formulation and physical pharmacy and book chapters and is co-inventor on 19 published patents.

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Peter Markland
Senior Research Fellow, New Product Development

Dr. Peter Markland is a Pharmaceutical scientist with over 20 years of experience in drug delivery research, technology, and biomaterials development. His expertise includes directing internal drug delivery research and product development teams, and evaluating external delivery technologies. Dr Markland has also been involved in program management and marketing for novel, controlled release dosage forms and have experience in formulation development of a wide variety of drugs for various routes of administration.

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Mika Jokinen
Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Jokinen is a co-founder of DelSiTech and Chief Scientific Officer of in the company. In addition, he is a Principal Lecturer in chemical and biochemical engineering at the Turku University of Applied Sciences. He has over 20 years R&D experience in silica-based biomaterials. Dr. Jokinen holds a Doctor of Science in Technology and has a position as Adjunct Professor in Medical Biomaterials at Åbo Akademi University, Turku, Finland.

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