Opportunities in Scotland’s Booming Space Industry

The new space race: what’s giving investors the confidence to aim for the stars?

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Juliette Neu
Chief People & Brand Officer | EVP Asia Pacific

As the Co-founder of Mangata Networks, Juliette is a member of the senior management team and an officer of the board at Mangata. She is in charge of the overall people and brand experience, which includes HR, talent, design & brand, CX, communications, and engagement & outreach. 


Juliette Neu is a trained anthropologist with extensive experience in applying anthropological methods to solve complex business situations. She is a result-driven multicultural professional with over twenty years of international practice advising the leadership of aerospace and innovative companies. Before joining Mangata Networks, Juliette ran her own firm and led the talent ramp-up at OneWeb satellites. 


She holds a Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology from American University and completed doctoral coursework in Anthropological Archaeology at the University of Pittsburgh. 


On a good day, Juliette speaks four languages (English, French, Korean and Spanish). She loves experiencing how people live, eat, think, and see the world. The pursuit of kindness and wisdom guides her path.

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