Rapid AI-driven reformulation

Replacing PFAS in food packaging with bio-based ingredients



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Hannah Melia
Product Strategy and Marketing Consultant

Hannah Melia works for Citrine as a Product Management Consultant. She has been working in Materials, Chemicals and CPG software for 15 years and has a degree in Materials Science from the University of Cambridge.

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Dr. Mark Sullivan 
Senior Solutions Engineer

Prior to joining Citrine Informatics as a Senior Solutions Engineer, Dr. Mark Sullivan spent four years with Dow's Reaction Engineering group within the Core R&D function, where he worked on both experimental and modeling projects that centered around design, scale-up, and optimization of novel catalytic systems. After studying chemical engineering as an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame, Mark received his PhD studying the fundamentals of transition metal carbide catalyst systems at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities under the tutelage of Professor Aditya Bhan, and spent two years as a postdoc working with Professor Yuriy Roman studying zeolite catalysis and electrochemical systems.

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