Regulating Digital Health - Demystifying SaMD and its impact on MedTech

Unlocking the full potential of MedTech: The crucial role of regulated Digital Health



  • 3PM London / 10AM New York
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Rudolf Wagner
Global Director, Head of Quality and Regulatory Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs, Huma Germany

Rudolf is a detail-oriented and company success-focused leader with over 15 years of experience
overseeing all aspects of operations management, quality, and regulatory compliance management,
team leadership, and relationship building within a fast-paced environment. He is dedicated to
overseeing the development and submission of all regulatory applications to the FDA and other
international regulatory bodies. Throughout his leadership roles, he played a critical role in company
growth by devising and implementing effective strategies while providing excellent services to existing
and new clients.

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Alex Gilbert
VP - Commercial Companion, MedTech, Huma London

Alex has worked within the Digital Health industry alongside healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device
and tech organisations. He joined Huma as one of their first employees and leads their global MedTech
practice. Huma is Europe's fastest-growing health organisation, having raised over 250 Million in funding
to date whilst partnering with the likes of Smith & Nephew, Boston Scientific, Bayer, Stanford,
AstraZeneca and many more. His passion is the use of technology to empower and engage the patient to
take control of their care."

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