Ridiculously Good Thermal Targets for Thermal Scopes

No hassle Upright thermal targets pave the way for easy, no bloom thermal aim points. Accurate training targets promise accurate hits.



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Tom Boyer
President, IR Tools

Tom, a US Navy veteran, founded IR.Tools™ in 2006. His motivation to build premium infrared ID products is rooted in his mission to Protect Those Who Protect Us. IR.Tools began with one ¾" IFF patch for the US military and has grown into a business that provides millions of IFF patches all over the world. Tom’s innovation does not stop with IFF patches. In addition to patches, Tom and his team build a full suite of infrared training targets to help soldiers, police, and sportsmen zero and train with their night vision and thermal optics.     Currently Tom has 21 awarded patents, and 14 patents pending.  Tom received his BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Md and his MBA from Regents Univ.

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Chase Welch
Target Subject Matter Expert, IR Tools

Chase Welch is a Marine Corps infantry combat veteran with 16 years of experience in the military and defense industry. He is the president of Recom Actual and a consultant across the industry. His background includes tactical and firearms training for government and law enforcement agencies. Chase also has experience in product development, having worked through research and design as well as go-to-market phases of business development for targets, firearm accessories, and tactical training packages.  His love of tactical and firearms training led him to target design and how to maximize the shooter’s training value to ensure they are prepared when faced with life’s dangers .  His primary focus is always on how products will bring a valuable training experience and enhance safety.

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