Sustainable Packaging Trends Shaping the Future



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Chadi Radi
Market Development Senior Director at Napco Packaging

Joining Napco National in 1996, Chadi Radi has over 27 years of experience in plastic packaging. With extensive knowledge of the various complexities of the packaging industry, he has successfully managed numerous projects, gathering valuable expertise in technical design packaging, processing & manufacturing, as well as in marketing & sales.

Currently, he is engaged in setting the Sustainable Strategy for Napco Packaging, focusing on circularity with an emphasis on recycling. He represents Napco National as Vice Chair of the ‘Packaging Working Group’ Consortium in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), in consultation with the Ministry of Industry and MWAN on setting the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Program for the Kingdom.

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Douraid Sarieddine
General Manager at Napco-Recom Recycling & Compounding Unit

During his almost 25-year career, Douraid has always been involved with plastics, and over the years gained extensive, in-depth knowledge of various plastics, their potential, and their use in many market segments. This helps to put the importance of their use in perspective and set a business growth strategy.

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Gacia Apikian Bazhouny
Sustainability Strategy & Governance Consultancy Manager at INDEVCO Consultancy

Gacia Apikian is a purposeful executive with over 10 years’ experience in sustainability strategy development, management, and reporting, as well as corporate communications and marketing, strategy and content development. Certified in Sustainable Business Strategy and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), she is driven to help organizations set sustainability as a strategic priority to support value-creation through environmental and social responsibility.

Right now, Douraid focus lies on exploring the value, potential and capabilities of compounding & recycling to enable applying the circular economy in high added value products and is leading Napco Recom to expand wider on the sustainability directions.

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