The 4 Pinch Points Facing Global Clinical Trial Comparator Sourcing

Lead-time Inaccuracy, Continuity of Supply, Expiry Date Limitations and Waste



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Ian Hoban
Business Development Director - CTS, Abacus Medicine Pharma Services

Ian has 30 years of pharmaceutical industry experience, predominantly within global organisations such as Pfizer and Eli Lilly.  He built his reputation in the commercialisation of numerous brands in a variety of disease areas, and at every stage of the product lifecycle. 

During his career, Ian has worked closely with supply chain, ensuring accurate forecasting, and getting medicines to patients through the implementation of novel approaches.

Before joining Abacus Medicine Pharma Services Ian worked in senior roles at two leading Global Clinical Solutions companies.  He provided many leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with successful Comparator Sourcing Solutions which helped successfully deliver their pivotal late phase clinical trials.

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Lucy Fox
Business Development Director, Abacus Medicine
  • 11 years clinical trial service experience
  • Worked closely with multinational pharmaceutical, virtual and biotechnology companies to define their clinical trial requirements. Acting as a consultant on technical aspects
  • Experienced in the management of IVRS technology for clinical trials
  • Worked closely with drug supply managers to effectively manage global supplies including forecasting and procurement from phase I to extensive phase III trials
  • Can develop creative solutions to fulfill customer needs
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