The Benefit of a Connected Marine Cargo Ecosystem

How the “black hole” of lacking visibility of the marine part of the supply chain can be resolved and provide stakeholders with visibility of data and efficient execution



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Bastian Gehnke
Manager Product Management CVS, Kaleris

“Water is my element” says Bastian Gehnke, who started his career in the waters as a voluntary lifeguard at the German Lifeguard Association DLRG before he decided in 2007 to continue with a degree in maritime and ship operations onboard of commercial vessels of a German shipping company. After earning nautical and technical licenses in shipping at the seafaring school in Flensburg, he earned the graduate degree in maritime logistics and ship operations by the University of Flensburg. In 2014, Bastian joined Navis as a product manager for vessel and fleet performance. He decisively contributed to the design of the Kaleris vessel and fleet performance software Bluetracker. In the past years he has grown the portfolio of cloud applications for fleet performance as well as cargo operations.

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