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Talha Koc
TAV Technologies Head of Product Management

Talha, a visionary technology leader with over 14 years of experience, is on a mission to solve customer problems through cutting-edge technology. He has track record of of managing large enterprise product portfolios and launching successful B2B and B2C products in Aviation and Telco domains. He has demonstrated expertise in scaling teams and navigating the challenges of transitioning from a local mindset to a global market where the products he oversees reach over 20+ countries and 40+ enterprise customers worldwide.

In his dynamic career, which spans roles at TAV Technologies, Turkcell, and Huawei Technologies, Talha continues to leave a lasting impact at the crossroads of technology, product management, and leadership. His ability to unite teams around a shared vision is evident in his success in leading and expanding global teams of 30+ members across 10+ countries. His leadership principles are centered on customer-centricity, fostering creativity, and the crucial balance of trusting instincts while rigorously testing against data and feedback. As he navigates the ever-evolving landscape of technology and business, Talha remains dedicated to making a significant and positive influence on the organizations he touches.

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Groupe ADP - Managing Director TSA/O&M/ORAT/Project Expertise Division

Loîc BRIAND is Managing Director for the overall coordination of airport management expertise between Groupe ADP and the international assets of the group. Historical background since more than 15 years was to manage the deployment of expertise on the entire value chain of airport management (including but not limited to airport operations, technical challenges, commercial strategy, governance challenges, especially through the management of technical assistance agreements -TSAs between ADP International (100% subsidiary of Groupe ADP fully dedicated to overseas operations and shareholdings). Since 2021, in addition to the previous mentioned areas, he is leading the Global PMO team for the Smart Airports program which aims to support the digitalisation of the overall operations in the perspective of improving customer satisfaction, enhance and optimise operations. This program involves both the Parisian airports of CDG and ORY, TAV Airports, AIG for Amman International  airport and MZLZ for Zagreb international airport.

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