Why Optimizing Pricing & Inventory Matters: Maximize Sell-Through, Minimize Deadstock

Discover end-to-end pricing across pre-season and in-season. Enable merchandisers to develop assortments customers want, marketers to adapt pricing and replenishment teams to optimize inventory.



  • 3PM London / 10AM New York
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Sanja Becirovic
Regional Sales Manager for Pricing

Sanja Becirovic is a former Merchandiser and Business Development Manager for companies like Mango, Jigsaw and ASOS. Focusing on helping brands and retailers find their optimal price and expansion strategies with over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry.

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Yvonne Leguil
Predictive Pricing Industry Specialist

Yvonne Leguil has 30 years of experience in planning, allocation, production and logistics. She has been part of major transformations including AI introductions in companies like Esprit, Puma, Hugo Boss, Orsay and Beeline.

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