Ahmad Namvargolian

Ahmad Namvargolian co-founded Care Access in 2015 which quickly grew into one of the most trusted clinical research companies in the US. Namvargolian’s one core mission for Care Access is to remove barriers in clinical research for sponsors, physicians, and patients; making clinical research accessible to all. This mission was put to test in 2020 when COVID-19 swept through the world causing shutdowns of businesses and clinics. Under Namvargolian’s leadership, Care Access expanded its unique industry solutions and delivered on the largest and most complex decentralized trial to date, taking clinical research directly to patients by deploying “Jump Teams” anywhere in the country and creating pop-up research infrastructure on demand. Having established over 150 “pop-up” sites, Care Access has enrolled over 4,000 patients and conducted over 60,000 home visits.

Prior to Care Access, Namvargolian was a research scientist and earned his Master’s Degree in Public Policy from University of Chicago and Bachelor of Science degree in Bioengineering and Material Science from UC Berkeley.