Alessandro Tonchia

Alessandro is the Head of Strategy at InvestCloud Private Banking & Wealth, focusing on building and maintaining long-term relationships with major clients. He is passionate about developing client offerings that improve sales, advice and client relations via digital technology and artificial intelligence. He has a keen interest in sustainability and the impact financial institutions can have in this area. Alessandro has been instrumental in the development of InvestCloud’s ESG offering. 

Alessandro is co-founder of Finantix, a firm that InvestCloud acquired earlier in 2021 as part of a merger to create the next-generation SaaS wealth solutions platform. Prior to establishing Finantix, he was a consultant specialising in the areas of process management, collaboration and CRM.

Alessandro holds a degree in Physics from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich. In addition, he also studied Philosophy and Linguistics at the University of California in Los Angeles.