Amelia Lopez Huix

Amelia Lopez Huix is the Executive Director and General Partner of MCI Partners, and a United Nations expert on gender economic governance, working as a trusted partner with corporate leaders on their most pressing issues on gender equality, corporate governance and sustainability, under the mission to maximize the likelihood of positive impact on gender equality at a global scale.

Amelia is credited with bringing the craft of gender equality in global development risks to financial markets and establishing gender economic governance as an academic discipline. As an executive speaker, she advises leading executives, investment agents, governments, and heads of state.

She is a Mother of 4 daughters, a former IT specialist, and a former Spanish Swim Team Member for the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992. Together with her dutch husband, she lives in The Netherlands since 2008. As Senior Gender Equality Advisor and Lead of the UN Global Compact Target Gender Equality Programme for the Global Compact Network Netherlands, Amelia is conducting gender equality strategies at all business levels for companies participating in the 2021 Edition of the UN accelerator programme in The Netherlands.