Amy Finnigan

Amy is the Sr. Director and lead for Information Technology (IT) Research and Development (R&D) at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical. Amy leads teams as they build IT strategies, develop innovative and efficient technology portfolios, implement best in class and emerging technologies, and enable business capabilities through technology enablement. She has promoted technology advancements across the Life Sciences, from building the nation’s most successful private health insurance exchange platforms, to improving state Medicare & Medicaid technology solutions, and growing the technology portfolios of both biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Amy promotes strong partnership and collaboration across IT and functional stakeholders, as it has proven to promote speed and efficiency in pre-clinical drug development and clinical trial execution. With experience in IT consulting at the nation’s leading strategy consulting firm, as well as a background in International Public Health, Amy combines deep analytical approaches with a desire to save the world one patient at a time. Amy spends her free time learning about new cultures as she travels across the globe, with her knitting needles always along for the ride.