Anadelia Robles

Anadelia Robles approaches design from the inside out, an outlook that compliments and counterbalances her fellow designers. Her years of experience in the fields of architecture, interior space planning and design, give her an intimate understanding of how people will interact with space. Anadelia’s ability to maintain the perspective of end user, with acute attention to what they will see and feel, brings balance to designs as human scale meets human experience.
In a world of specialisation, she sees design as a complete entity – a set of ideas and approaches that, when applied to each aspect, create a cohesive project.
Conscious of the inter relatedness of design, she leverages her experience in interiors to create a seamless relationship between the large-scale and small-scale. Anadelia has worked on range of residential, mixed-use and retail projects including the renovation and expansion of the South Bay’s Del Amo Fashion Centre in Torrance, California, which as won numerous awards.
Anadelia’s process of design begins and ends with people. Her specialty of honing in on the tactile, human quality of a space has helped inform the direction of design across a range of projects, both domestic and global. She continually serves as an integral though-leader in shaping the studio’s vision and pursuit of translating the human experience into the built environment. She has received numerous awards and achievements including the American Institute of Architects Los Angeles Next LA Award – The Local.
Anadelia holds a Master in Architecture from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and two Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Berlekey, one in architecture and the other in art. She is fluent in Spanish and a LEED accredited professional.