Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson is the Director of Therapy and Analysis at GlobalData Healthcare, responsible for data collection and forecasting within the Medical Devices portfolio. Andrew is passionate about developing innovative approaches to the world of medical devices industry research. As a postdoctoral microbiologist and Biosafety Professional, Andrew joined the GlobalData team in 2012, following 20 years working within the academic and industry sectors, developing a specialty in advanced diagnostics for infectious disease. Andrew has previously led research in marine microbial ecology, before transitioning to industry, where he led teams contributing towards strengthening NATO CBRN defensive capabilities, advising the UK Ministry of Defence on issues of biological safety and decontamination and the UK Representative to the OPCW, as well as working with numerous foreign government representatives, including providing support to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. With multiple patents in molecular detection technologies, publications’ covering a breadth of topics and leading product development teams, Andrew has established a strong reputation within the molecular diagnostics industry. Having worked on the frontline, Andrew can share a global understanding of the medical device industry, with both a highly developed understanding of the technologies, new and emerging, and of the business dynamics fueling medical device usage in healthcare.