Andy Spinks

Andy Spinks is a Pfizer Digital IT Director based in La Jolla on the US West Coast. He has extensive IT experience spanning his 20 years with the company. His current role is Global Business Technology Lead for the Pfizer Next Generation Clinical Trials (NGCT) program.  This 3 year program (which is now coming to a close) has dramatically enhanced the way Pfizer conducts Clinical Trials, simplifying what had become a complicated and unsustainable business model spanning many processes, partners and systems by bringing control back in house. The new model works with single processes and systems across the global clinical trial landscape Pfizer operates in and has been designed to smooth a quicker path to future growth and change.

Previously Andy led La Jolla Informatics teams spanning Research, Development and Enterprise parts of the organization. He began his Pfizer career in Sandwich (UK) in May 1999 as an IT Project Manager.