Angelo Termine

Angelo Termine is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Ki Health Partners LLC doing business  as New England Institute for Neurology and Headache,  New England Institute for Clinical Research, our clinical research center, as well as Ki Clinical Research, a site  management organization (SMO) providing business, development and regulatory expertise to medical practices wishing to engage in clinical research.

Angelo started his career in research at Yale University, School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry in New Haven.  He then transitioned to Research Manager at a large neurology practice in Fairfield, where he participated in more than 100 studies, and successfully lead a team of clinical research coordinators for more than eight years before the launch of Ki Health Partners, LLC. In addition to holding master’s degrees in science management and business administration, Angelo is certified as a Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Research Coordinator,  and Clinical Research Contract Professional. He is a certified rater with extensive experience on the following scales: NIH Stroke Scale, ADAS-Cog, NPI, MMSE and multiple clinical psychiatric assessment certifications. He is a member of MAGI (Models Agreements and Guidelines International) as well as the Headache Cooperative of New England, has lectured extensively on clinical research throughout the country,  and has coauthored numerous scientific papers.