Anka G. Ehrhardt

Dr. Ehrhardt is a biophysicist with a Ph.D. in human physiology. Throughout her career, she focused on driving biomedical research through efficient application of innovative technologies and strategies. She built and led successful teams in industry, including at Merck, where she headed a laboratory providing leading technologies for cell-based research from early discovery through manufacturing; and at BMS where Dr. Ehrhardt led and grew an international clinical assay team to robustly cover large scale registrational and translational clinical analysis generating clinical decision-driving data and mechanistic insights for immuno-oncology, cardiovascular, immunology, metabolic and rare disease studies. Before returning to Merck, Dr. Ehrhardt fulfilled one of her scientific aspirations at CHDI Foundation, designing and implementing successful clinical biomarker discovery and development strategies for Huntington’s disease. Currently, at Merck, Dr. Ehrhardt is providing strategic and technical leadership for the development and implementation of industry-leading and QC-friendly cell-based assays and models for potency determination that reflect the unique mechanisms of biologics products in clinical studies and beyond.