Arnoud Huisman

An experienced executive leader with 25+ years in a wide variety of life sciences area’s: CRO, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Functional Food, Diagnostics and Medical Devices.

Key leadership roles as (Interim) CEO, CCO and (Senior) Vice President in account, line, marketing, scientific and operational management for local and global companies.

Success is driven by focus, commitment, getting it done and an intrinsic motivation to increase people’s personal performance.

Member of several Executive Steering Committees, both for large global pharma as biotech companies in Europe and USA. Has secured over $1.5 billion in investments and opportunities.

Managed Phase I-IIa clinics in The Netherlands with successful delivery of appr. 250 phase I & II trials. Leading role in international mergers and acquisitions, including organizational integration. Currently CEO of Biotech and Diagnostic start-ups and adviser to PE/VC.