Aurelio Garrido


Aurelio Rojo Garrido, PhD Electrical Engineer, has developed his professional career in both, RAILWAYS and SAFETY & SECURITY sectors, mainly in Metro of Madrid, where his filed of expertise became related to fire protection engineering and safety management aspects. As Director of Operations of Metro Madrid, he was responsible for the development of the Safety and Fire Protection and Security Programs, in a network of 300 km and 350 stations, mostly underground. As General Secretary of Alamys (Latin-American Metropolitan Railways Association) between 2001 and 2014 (Now honorary member) coordinated many safety and security Public Transport System Working Groups and Seminars.

Since 2009 he has and continues to be the President of APICI, Spanish Fire Protection Engineers Association.

Aurelio Rojo has vast experience in the academic and research world as Co-Director of the Masters in Fire Protection Engineering and professor on the Railway Masters at the School of Engineering of the Pontifical University of Comillas in Madrid, Spain, where he has had the opportunity to deal with complex conceptual models that need to be contemplated in the design and then in operation of metro systems with high levels of safety and security.”