Bettina Cassegrain

Bettina Cassegrain is the driving force behind HLB’s commitment to professional excellence and sustainable business practices. As the Global Director of Professional Standards and Sustainability Assurance, she oversees the network’s robust quality assurance programme, ensuring compliance with the stringent requirements set forth by the Forum of Firms. With a pragmatic approach to training and development, Bettina has built a culture of continuous learning within HLB. Her leadership extends to outreach initiatives focused on training, quality assurance, and related matters across Europe, Eurasia, French-speaking Africa, Latin America, and South America.

Recognising the growing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, Bettina has led the development of a global comprehensive ESG methodology. This framework empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of sustainability reporting and assurance. Under her guidance, HLB has developed leading-edge sustainability assurance working papers and training modules, equipping professionals with the knowledge and tools to drive positive change. Bettina’s dedication to professional standards and sustainability assurance has solidified HLB’s reputation as a global leader in delivering exceptional client services while promoting responsible business practices that create long-term value and sustainable impact for stakeholders and society at large.