Bibi Sattar Marques

Bibi is specialized in the financial sector with over 18 years of professional experience, as a result of her passages at PwC and ANACOM, acquiring solid knowledge in financial auditing, corporate finance, and regulation, having been a member of the Regulatory Accounting Group – Board of European Regulators of Electronic Communications.

In 2017, Bibi accepted the challenge to develop the Venture Capital arm in a financial entity as partner and member of the Board of Directors. In 4 years, the first nine venture capital funds were created with more than €100m+ under management, becoming the reference area of this financial entity.

In the context of corporate social responsibility, in 2019, she joined GRACE’s Advisory Board.

In 2021, Bibi, challenged by the GED group, joins the company as Partner and member of the Board of Directors of GED Ventures Portugal to develop the Venture Capital arm and strengthen the company’s Iberian leadership.