Bobbie L Whiddon

Bobbie Whiddon is presently the supervisor over the FDA imports group in Philadelphia.   He has been with the FDA for almost nine years.  Bobbie has acquired over 20 years of public health and environmental health experience through various positions in both government and industry.

FDA determines whether products are admissible into U.S. commerce and may refuse entry to any that violate or appear to violate any provisions of the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FFD&C Act). Importers of products intended for introduction into U.S. interstate commerce are responsible for ensuring that the products are safe, sanitary, and labeled according to U.S. requirements.  Imported products are subject to FDA inspection when offered for import at U.S. ports of entry. FDA may detain shipments of products offered for import if the shipments are found not to be in compliance with U.S. requirements. Both imported and domestically-produced foods must meet the same legal requirements in the United States.