Bostjan Skalar

Bostjan Skalar is a Slovenian citizen born in Ljubljana, Slovenia and is currently serving as an Executive Director – CEO of World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies. WAIPA is the umbrella organization of worldwide investment promotion agencies established in 1995 in Geneva under auspices of UNCTAD. Previously he served as a Director of new Slovenian Public Agency for Promotion of Investment, Internationalization, Entrepreneurship and Tourism (SPIRIT). He also served as a Consul for Economic Affairs of Slovenia in Istanbul, Turkey. He has also effectively performed his international business activities and managing roles in different sectors in many foreign countries. He has over 20 years of management experience and is one of the global leaders in investment promotion area with a private-sector focus. His vast experiences in different fields from private to public sector give him a global overview on current business and geopolitical trends that influences the flows of FDI.