Chris Allen

Chris co-founded Broughton in 2006, having worked previously within global blue-chip pharmaceutical
companies and Contract Research Organisations within the medicinal product and medical device sectors.

Chris Allen is the Chief Executive Officer at Broughton. Since obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in
Chemistry and a subsequent Post Graduate Certificate in Analytical Science, he has gained over 25 years of analytical and regulatory experience working in global medical device and pharmaceutical companies and leading CROs. Chris started his career working on both Medical Devices and Pharmaceutical products within Smith+Nephew. Subsequently, Chris moved into inhaled medicines, supporting blue-chip pharmaceutical companies’ drug product registration programs within the Melbourn Intertek.

Before co-founding Broughton, Chris moved into a leadership role with Sciantec (Cawood), successfully
overseeing its entry into the Veterinary Medicines market, supporting global Marketing Authorizations
and site inspections.

Chris co-founded Broughton Laboratories in 2006, with Paul Moran, overseeing its first and successful
MHRA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) inspection within the first three months. With a focus on
supporting marketing Authorizations and Post Marketing activities within the pharmaceutical sector,
Broughton played a pivotal role in obtaining the first UK Medicinal License for an electronic cigarette, a project that started in 2010.

Chris took this combined experience of Pharmaceuticals and nicotine to expand Broughton’s services to support the development and registration of Reduced-Risk Tobacco Products, including Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS). Rapid growth within this area resulted in the incorporation of Broughton Nicotine Services, a sister company to Broughton Laboratories, and a multi-million-pound (GBP) investment into a custom-built facility, leading-edge analytical equipment and expansion of the team and service offerings. Chris has overseen multiple product applications for the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), US Premarket Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) and other global
markets. With over ten years of working with ENDS, Allen has become well established as a recognized
subject matter expert in the science and regulation of tobacco products.

As Chief Executive Officer of Broughton, Chris’ passion lies in developing the Broughton Team and associated services to deliver life-enhancing products to market for their clients.