Chris Rao, Director of Clinical Trials, Lubris BioPharma

Chris Rao, is the Director of Clinical Trials at Lubris Biopharma. Chris has 14 years of experience in clinical research, with proficiency in a wide range of indications including oncology, supportive care, medical devices, and dermatology. Chris plays a leading role in overseeing strategy and execution of all Lubris’s clinical trials. He is also an experienced clinical trial project manager, with expertise in┬ástudy design, monitoring, regulatory matters, and data management.

Prior to his time at Lubris, Chris previously served as Associate Director at a niche oncology CRO, Clinical Assistance Programs (CAP). Prior to joining CAP, Chris worked as an analyst at Stone-Crowne Associates, performing pharmaceutical marketing data analysis for clients such as Johnson & Johnson as well as financial analysis for MIT and Harvard University