Clare Duffy

Clare Duffy is a chartered engineer with over 25 years’ experience in the electricity industry. As a member of the senior leadership team in ESBN Networks, Clare has specific responsibility for (i) planning electricity distribution network asset investments and distribution customer connections to provide safe access to and maintain the security of supply of the national electricity distribution network; (ii) and is accountable for Electrification of Heat and Transport initiatives, key to ESB Networks strategic role in transitioning Ireland to a lower carbon energy system; (iii) and is accountable for Innovation in ESB Networks. Previous roles have included ESB UK General Manager; Operations Manager for ESB International (ESBI); Manager, Strategic Consultancy Group, ESBI; ESBI project management roles on power infrastructure developments in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East and a power system protection engineer with ALSTOM in the USA and UK. In addition, Clare is a Non-Executive Director of Elexon (responsible for £1.7b of electricity balancing market settlement transactions through its role as administrator of the GB Electricity Wholesale Market Balancing and Settlement Code). She has post-graduate qualifications in Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management.