Dave Hadden

Dave is an entrepreneur and technology innovator. He is known for pioneering the fields of A.I.-based medical decision-support, Training Analytics, and Virtual Clinical Simulation (VPS).

When he was Founder and CEO of TheraSim, Dave launched the world’s first successful online VPS system for physicians and trained over 1,000,000 doctors in every country on Earth. He also built the world’s largest network of computer-based clinical simulation sites in Africa in support of the USAID and the CDC’s HIV-treatment effort.

Since then, he has focused his passion for technological innovation and learning systems in the field of clinical trials, helping sponsors make their studies more accurate and efficient through finding the right technology mix such as virtualization, performance management and applied behavioral sciences to produce the most effective, lasting, and engaging results for clinical trials.

Dave is passionate about building performance management systems that are fun to use, predictive, adaptive, and measurably effective, producing lasting changes in a quickly changing field. Dave has always valued the interconnectedness of our vastly changing world and has traveled to over 70 countries for global health work and with cultural development outreach through music.