Dr Marianthi Faka

Marianthi has a real zest for whey proteins and has been contributing significantly to Volac’s success over the past 15 years. Her efforts have been central to the expansion of multiple plants, always ensuring on maintaining excellent standards of quality and performance in the products offered. What sparks her interest is tuning into the ever-changing customer preferences and trends in the Performance and Active Nutrition market and translating these needs into effective ingredients.

Over the last three years, Marianthi has taken the role of Innovation Ambassador at Volac, steering the company’s strategic direction towards new horizons through innovation. She’s particularly captivated by the challenge of using raw materials sustainably while still producing nutritional products that remain competitive in the unpredictable whey market.

Outside of her professional life, Marianthi enjoys spending time in Greece with her family, where she appreciates the sunshine and explores the local culinary offerings. This break allows her to recharge and seek new inspiration.