Dr. Wolfgang Goetz

Dr. Goetz is an accomplished clinician, scientist, and cardiac surgeon with a decade of clinical experience. He combines profound practical experience with his passion for curing heart valve disease. His main interest is developing innovative treatments for structural heart valve diseases. He started his career as a cardiac surgeon at the University Hospital in Regensburg, Germany. After continuing clinical practice in Germany, Dr. Goetz went to Singapore in 2005-2006 to lead a research project for developing a surgical autologous heart valve prosthesis that is made from a patient’s own pericardium. This priceless valve prosthesis was implanted in humans in Asia. In 2005 he founded EndoCor Inc. in Singapore for the development of percutaneous heart valve prostheses. Back in Germany, Dr. Goetz worked at the German Heart Center in Munich. Within one year he qualified as an associated professor (Habilitation). At the same time, he did set up a clinical trial for the implantation of transcatheter heart valve prostheses.

Having gained comprehensive knowledge in cardiac surgery, the development of heart valve prostheses and, finally, the new technology of transcatheter heart valves, he decided in 2009 to give up a very successful career as a cardiac surgeon and to start-up Transcatheter Technologies GmbH to develop a transcatheter heart valve system that is designed to increase the safety and durability of aortic valve implantation. The proprietary technology was acquired by Venus Medtech (Hangzhou, China) in 2016.

Afterwards, Dr. Goetz became Partner of medifundo Life Science Investments. In 2018 Dr. Goetz founded Prima Medical Technologies GmbH and spun-off three technology companies: Artract Medical, Semiflow Medical and Venock Medicial Inc. in the USA with the subsidiary Venock Medical GmbH, in Germany