Drew Garty

Drew’s career in pharmaceutical technology spans over 20 years and includes significant experience in eClinical system architecture, design, and development, as well as process design, solution validation, and international implementation and support.

Drew spent the majority of his career prior to Veeva at PAREXEL, where he led the operational institutionalization of EDC, quickly increasing the utilization of EDC from 25% to over 95% in less than two years. Next, Drew and his team developed technology solutions in large scale partnerships and focused on driving the development and standardization of risk-based monitoring tools and techniques. Drew’s innovative solutions in risk-based monitoring earned him a prestigious industry “Clinical Innovator of the Year” award in 2015.

Drew joined Veeva in 2016 as Vice President of Product Management and led the ground-up design of Veeva’s Vault EDC solution. In his current role of Chief Technology Officer at Vault CDMS, Drew shares and collaborates with customers, partners, and the industry to set vision and direction of Veeva’s CDMS product.