Eleana Casado Corvalan

Hi, my name is Eleana Casado Corvalan. I’m one of the Co-Founder and CEO of Cerealthy. We have created the world’s first plant milk capsule for coffee makers using biodegradable pods. 

I was born in Argentina, a country with major producers of cow’s milk in the world. What a paradox! 

There, I was graduated from the University of Laws in 2006.  

As a good lawyer, I’ve been always looking for reasonable arguments about why we should be ditching animal milk. 

This passion was also linked to my dream about creating something that would impact the world for the better and that would make a difference for the People, for the Planet and for the Animals.  

For this reason, while I was living in the Canary Islands, Spain; I founded Cerealthy. It was 2017 and I knew that it was time to move forward and change the game from the inside out.  

By 2019, Cerealthy was selected to join one of the most important Food Tech Accelerator Programme in Asia. Thanks to this opportunity, we’ve joined Brinc’s family. 

With our products, I can make a great impact to every person in the world that would like to / would need to (lactose intolerant for example) switch to dairy-free milks alternatives without sacrificing taste, price nor convenience.