Fredrik Hult

Fredrik is a Cyber Resilience Advisor to governments and multinationals in Europe and the Middle-East. He works at the intersection of people and technology in the context of Cyber Security, and brings extensive domain experience built up in the Government, Finance, Energy and Internet sectors over the last 18 years.

Fredrik believes that every organisation has the right to Cyber Defence and that the greater good is a facilitator of individual success. C in Cyber is for Collaboration. These values are carried in a strong focus on a People strategy through group dynamics, transformational leadership and organisational design.

Fredrik is an active advocate for change in the industry through a Cyber Resilience newsletter, journal articles and speaking at conferences around the world. He is a recognised contributor as scenario author for award winning UK Financial Services Cyber attack stress testing exercises through Waking Shark and the Market Wide 2011.

Current areas of focus include business agility, competitive intelligence and systemic risk.