Gabriele Chiave


Creative director, Gabriele Chiave, brings a wealth of diverse professional and personal experience to Marcel Wanders.
Having grown up and lived in several places around the world – from Africa to South America to Europe – Gabriele
approaches design with a different perspective. This has created in him a passion to bring open-mindedness into what he
creates. Before arriving at Marcel Wanders studio, Gabriele studied in Milan at Italian design schools that are rooted in
industrial design heritage from the 1960s. He worked at Marc Saddler Studio where he immersed himself in the
functionality of Italian design. These skillsets have contributed to shape his vision of design, which has further expanded
by working closely with Marcel Wanders, from whom he learned a mentality that is strongly rooted in humanism, in an
understanding of design as art and celebration of craftsmanship of past ages. Gabriele is greatly inspired by art, his love of
photography and fashion which he brings to the role of Creative Director leading our design teams to design beautiful
things that uplift the human spirit.